Past Puppies Produced

We want you to see the wonderful pups we have produced here at Olde Bullz Acres.


Sage and Brutus's puppies have arrived, they were born on 09.07.15


Keona-Black Tri -Living with Victor & family in CO

 Keona sitting in a chopper 4 mos 

 Keona sitting in chopper 4 mos

 9 weeks old

Pippin-Living with Angelique in IA

 15 wks old

 Taken 12/24/15, 15 weeks old



Jake and Kali's litter DOB:09/04/15

Male 1-Living with Jake in Omaha,NE

 7 weeks old


 7 weeks old


Male 2-Living with James in Omaha, NE


 8 weeks old                                5 weeks old

Male 3(Draco)-Living with Christin in CB, Iowa

 8 weeks old

 8 weeks old


Female 1-Fawn-Living with Carol in WA

 Taken 12/2/15, 12 wks old

 Taken 12/2/15, 12 wks old


 9 weeks old


Female 3 Living with Juan & Jessica in Glenwood,IA

 15 weeks old


9 weeks old

 Olivia-Living with Michael in CB, Iowa

 9 weeks old

 9 weeks old

  8 weeks old


Male 4-Living with Ashley and family in Omaha,NE

 12 weeks old

 12 weeks old


Female 2-SOLD to Emily in MN

 9 weeks old

 16 weeks old taken 12/26/15


Leto and Kali's litter  DOB:01/19/15

Gus(Bruno)-Brown with mask-Living w/Patricia & Jon in NE


5 weeks old


Grover(Chubs)-Brindle/white-Living w/Abe and Andrea in IA


7 weeks old                                                  8 weeks old


Max(Gunnar)-Living w/David in NE

 Max 1 yr old

Max 1 year old


7 weeks old


Geva F1-Brown/white with black patch over right eye and 2 stripes across back-Living with Kathy in NE


7 weeks old


Ginger F2-Brindle/white with mask-Living w/Hanna in NE




                  7 weeks old                              Ginger and Genie together 7 weeks old




Genie F3-Soft brindle color/white-Living with Luigi in NY

7 weeks old

8 weeks old


Gemma(Kenzi) F4-Brown/white patch-Our Keeper


7 weeks old

Gentarra F5-Brown/white, white face brown ear & natural short tail-SOLD to Abe


7 weeks old


Gracie F6-Brown/white face with patch over right eye, naturally short tail-SOLD to Steve and Ashlee

  7 weeks old                                                 8 weeks old

  8 weeks old



Jake and Lexi's Litter DOB:11/07/14

Daisy-Living with Jennifer and family in NE

                                     8 wks old, taken 01/03/14

 May 2015, 6 mos old & 32 ibs


Dolly-Living with Robert, Sara and family in Iowa


Approx 2 years old


Dutch-Living with Steve, Ashlee and family of NE


5 wks old, taken 12.14.14



Murphy(Duke)-Living with Amber, Aaron and family in IA


5 weeks old          


 Murphy 3 mos old, Feb 2015          



Jake and Lexi's litter DOB:06/29/13

             F1 Veena: Living with Jennifer, Dennis and Family in IA


                   8 wks old                                               11 wks old


          M1 Viper: Brindle with black muzzle-Living with Matthew in NY



                                                Taken at 12 wks old

Vito(Torq)-Living with Zach and Nakita in NE

Thanks for the updates he is looking awesome and living the dream!!

  This guy has beautiful markings and very bully build with thickness and wrinkles. He is playful but easy going and loves your attention.  

 Oct 2014 almost 18 mos


Taken Nov 2014-18 mos old

 Torq just having a lazy day!



14 weeks old

 M3 Vayne(Maximus): Living with Mariann,Tyler and Family



                    9 wks old                                              12 wks old



Jake and Kali's litter DOB:06/22/13


F1 Cambree

 8 wks old

 14 wks old

F2 Daisy(Callee):Living with Jessica in KS

 8 wks old

                              14 wks old


F3 Cadence

 8 wks old

 14 wks old

 F4 Carina


6 wks old                                       8 wks old

 12 wks old

F5 Caydee


6 wks old                          8 wks old


12 weeks old laying on couch


 F6 Charlee


6 weeks old                                       12 weeks old


Deisel(Cash)-Living with Kaitlyn in Omaha

 8 weeks old

 Approx 3 mos old

 8 mos old

 8 mos old with his buddy

 1 yr old chillin' out


Porkchop(Cato)-Living with Doug in Omaha


8 weeks old                                Approx 5 mos old

 Approx 1 yr old really starting to fill out

 1 yr old all tuckered out

 1 yr old playing with his bone


Gus-Living with Mariann and Tyler and family in NE

 Gus at 6 1/2 mos old fitting right in

Henry(Cain)-Living in Omaha

 6 wks old


Henry at 14 weeks old



Brutus and Lexi's litter DOB: 12/19/12


             Brutus                                                         Lexi          



Pics taken 03/15/13 at 12 weeks old


                Sage at 6 mos old                              Sage at 5 mos old


SAKO-living with Bryan & Angel in WY


Pics taken at 8 weeks old


Sako 11 mos old


NELSON-Living with Jeff, Ali and family in CA


            Taken at 12 weeks old                                       Taken at 5 mos old


ZEUS-Living with Keith & Cassie in AK


Pics taken at approx 9 wks old 02/20/13


TUX- living with Farrah and family in IA


Pics taken at approx 10 weeks old


Gus-living with Jason and family in IA


  9 wks old


                                         Gus at approx 6 mos old


PHOOEY-living with Shane in PA


Phooey at 5 mos and 6 mos old. He is getting big can't wait to see him as he grows. 


Phooey spoiled as ever, Looking awesome at 16 mos


Izzy and Jake's 05/21/12 litter

Izzy Jake


Tank-Living in IA w/Jason and Cheryl and family.


10 weeks old

Tugger-Living with Diana and family in MA


10 weeks old

Almost 11 weeks old

Teddy- Living with Alex and Family in IA



17 weeks old

Copper-Living with Monique in NE

15 weeks old 4 mos old living the life

4 mos old


Riley-Living w/Tonia and family in CO.



7 mos old                            7 mos old outside in the CO snow

2 yrs old and looking good and solid muscle.

Now 20 in and 75-80 pounds, what an awesome Oldie.

M6-Living with Gene in Council Bluffs

6 weeks old

Taz-Brown with white stripe on nose

Sylvia-Living with Jason in Omaha

7 weeks old

Delilah-Living with Jeff in IA

10 weeks old

Minimus-Living with Brian and Jessie in MN

16 weeks old 17 weeks old


Tallie-Living with Steve in IA

12 weeks old

17 weeks old 15 weeks old


LEXI and JAKE'S litter DOB:02/01/12



Male 1- Living with Misti & family in Grand Junction, IA

6 weeks old 8 weeks old


Male 2- Living with Evonne and Justin in Dallas,TX

7 weeks old                                          Laying down 7 weeks old

8 weeks old

Gus-Living with Blake in Lenox,SD


Approx 3 mos old.

Approx 3 mos old


Deisel-Living with Kylie and Family in Funk,NE

Diesel at 8 weeks old, very stunning male!


Bruno-Living with Matt and Amy in Northbrook,IL

7 weeks old

Bruno 7 weeks old Bruno with brother Gus at 7 weeks old


Shelby-Living with Rikki and Hope in Black River Falls,WI

7 weeks old 8 1/2 weeks old


Charlie-Living in IL


Charlie at 9 weeks old                                    Charlie at 8 mos old


Bella-Living with Tom& Priscilla in Iowa City,IA



8 weeks old                                      9 weeks old


Bella with big brother Bling at 3 mos old          Bella with Dad-3 mos old


Izzy and Koda's Nov 18, 2011 litter


Izzy                                             Koda


Rosa Leigh(Bella)-Now living with Malinda and Family in Fremont, NE


12 weeks old                                               Approx 18 mos old



Zoe- living in Des Moines with Heather and family

Zoe sleeping w/her buddy 4 mos old Zoe looking pretty comfy 4 mos old


Bentley-living in Omaha with Jeff and Family

6 weeks old                      8 weeks old

Bentley at 4 1/2 mos old looking more like his mom as he gets older


Edward (Eddy)-living in Omaha with Ashley and Family

8 weeks old

Eddy 3 mos old                                 Eddy  approx 6 mos old


Zeus-living in Omaha with Kelly and family

6 weeks old


Rowdy-living with Michelle and family in Nevada,IA

10 weeks old

Carlisle-living in Steriling,IL with Eric and Naomi

10 weeks old


 Bailey and Porkie's Sept 3, 2011 litter

Pork Chop                                                       Bailey

Female 1: Now living in Council Bluffs, IA

9 wks old


Female 2: Now living in Shenandoah,IA

6 weeks old                                  8 weeks old

Female 3: Living in Omaha, NE

6 weeks old                                8 weeks old


Male 1: Living in Tarkio, MO

8 weeks old                                     12 weeks old


Bailey & Toby's Dec 22, 2010 Litter

Toby Bailey


 Bowser-Now living with Enrique & Rachel in Omaha, NE

Thanks for the updates he is looking very good!!! Looks a little spoiled too :)

Thanks for giving him such a good home.


2 1/2 mos old

Bowser at 3 1/2 mos old w/Daddy     Bowser at 5 mos old with his buddy


Sophie-Now living with Rachel & Jim in Sioux City, IA

Thanks for the updates she is precious and looks like she is getting along well with everything thanks for giving her a wonderful home.


Sophie at 3 mos old


Sophie 5 mos old lounging on the couch how CUTE!!!

Sophie looking quite the looker still adorable and what a sweetie 3 yrs old

Roxxy & Toby's litter 03/10/2010 (Our last litter with Roxxy)


Toby Roxxy


Koda-Now living in IL at Leelynn's Bulldogges

Approx 2 years old


Tank-Living with Nick in Griswold, IA

Tank at 9 weeks old Tank 15 mos old

Pups out of Jade's and Toby's April 08 Litter

 Pork Chop part of Dogwood Bullies in Iowa

Standing at 19.5 in and weighing 93 pounds of solid muscle

 Pork Chop living in IA 8 wks old


Pork Chop at almost 3 1/2 years old has really come into his own,what an awesome dogge!!! He is 95 lbs and approx 19 in and a very gorgeous red bullie.


Abby now living with Rick and family in New Mexico


4 mos old                               1 yr 2 mos old                                2 yrs old

Thanks Rick for the updates she is beautiful and looks very spoiled!!!


 Roxxy and Sandman's Fall 08 Litter 



  Bella at 5 wks old                                         Bella at 4 1/2 mos old



 Winston 15 mos old                                      Winston 18 mos old





Romeo at 4 1/2 mos old                               Romeo at 1 yr old

Thanks for the update Amy he is looking wonderful!





  Bailey almost 2 years old


Roxxy and Toby's litter April 09


T-Bone owned by KC BigDawgs in KC


T-bone at 4 wks old


TBone at 11 mos old what a looker!!!

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