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#7   Rikki and Hope Kleinschmidt03.04.2012 - 18:16
We just got female 1 (Shelby) from you and she is wonderful. She slept in bed with us and didn't have any accidents or cry. Thank you for such a beautiful baby.

#6   JTRs Olde English Bulldogges of MNeMailHomepage31.08.2010 - 07:58
Had to come to your site to check out the dogges that produced T-bone from KC Big Dawgs!!!! Wonderful job on that boy!!!!!!

#5   brian & LeonaeMailHomepage14.06.2009 - 16:38
Hello from Dogface! we are so pleased that Toby is in such a happy home and doing well, thank you

#4   Sammy, Jessica MoriyamaeMail02.11.2008 - 09:29
Jess and I just wanted to stop by and say thank you so much for our new family member Gus Gus aka "patches" We couldn\t imagine our lives without him so thank you again.

#3   AmbereMail25.05.2008 - 06:39
I was looking at your puppies and I am very interested in one that was labeled \puppy 2\. Please email me with more info. Thank you very much.

#2   JPSbulldoggesHomepage11.11.2007 - 03:11
Just checking out your dogges. Really like your Hermes Dogge. I have some Hermes way down the line. 18-May-07

#1   AustineMail23.10.2007 - 04:17
I saw your pups and they are beautiful! Please email me regarding your pups.


(7 Entries in total )

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